Install new track light fixtures by inserting the electrical contact tabs into the track. Insert the live-end connector and turn it 90-degrees until it snaps into place. ", Step 6: Then put on the flexible lighting track along the ceiling or wall and apply the appropriate screws to support it in place safely. Discover why nLight® should be your go-to lighting controls platform. Another type has a metal arm that is twisted to tighten. One way to determine track placement is to install the track approximately 18 inches to 24 inches from the wall you want to light. Push the wires into the box and screw the plate to the box so it is snug against the ceiling. The flexibility of track lighting makes it a good choice for highlighting a […] Fully customizable indoor lighting you can truly design with. Drive the setscrews to anchor the track to the plate. Rotate adapter 90° until arrow points to the polarity line on the track Because it is surface mounted, track is particularly easy to install, especially in remodels. Track lights are one of the most versatile lighting systems because the individual fixtures can be positioned anywhere along the track and then swiveled, rotated, and aimed in any direction. It features a multi-directional lamp head to provide light to difficult places where light does not reach. Be sure to install each fixture and transformer so that its polarity line aligns with the track’s line. Use a cup or bowl to keep all the bits and pieces in one place. 22. MEASURE AND MARK FOR THE TRACK © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. This guide will teach you all the basics to install track lighting in your home or office. Snap the plastic canopy over the track and mounting plate. While installing plug-in track lighting involves only a screwdriver and a drill, this project will show you how to hard-wire a track directly to an existing switch-equipped outlet. You can buy connectors to make 90-degree turns, T- shapes or odd-angled turns. ATTACH A CORNER 21. After attaching all of the light heads, add the light bulbs to your fixture. Mark along the ceiling to indicate the placement of the track. I need some track lighting for use in Europe, is your track lighting rated 50/60 Hz? ", Step 5: Track Lighting Installation from Lithonia Lighting - YouTube Slide the connector into the track that is already installed, slide the next track onto the connector and attach that track to the ceiling. “As long as you can keep it low-profile, it’s a great option when you need lots more light and aren’t willing — or able, such as in a rental — to add more fixtures.” Do you have a low Profilee track head for use in a kiosk? ", Step 4: Align the connector's two copper tabs with the two copper bars inside the track. Overload the circuit and the breakers will pop so much that you’ll think Orville Redenbacher is living in your basement. Each fixture has a different mount for the cover. If the track is more than 4-feet long, have a helper hold one end while you work. Track lighting that won't turn on is usually the result of a bulb that needs replacement. Track lighting's versatility is provided by the track, which gives you a great deal of design, position and directional flexibility. Some lock into place with a 90 degree turn. Restore power, turn on the switch and swivel the lights to position them for the best effect. Have a helper hold the track in place against the ceiling and centered on the mounting plate. Attach the bare or green grounding wire to the green screw. nLight simplifies specification, design, and installation with the broadest portfolio … Yes. Installing track lighting allows you to direct lighting exactly where you want it. Others use a metal arm to tighten each head into place. You should see this tap on your track lighting head. Track Light Installation Video. How to Replace a Standard Switch with a Dimmer Switch, How to Replace a Light Switch with a Dimmer.