#tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li { The following general steps are taken for tourism product development − Research the Market. 2527 0 obj <> endobj Admission on our four (4) years Bachelor of Technology programs which includes a one year Certificate (Bridging) Level 4 is based on meeting the minimum requirement of twenty (20) points in Grade 12 in five subjects with a minimum of an E or better symbol in English. It allows the student who already has hospitality and tourism competence within their sector, but is aspiring to enter a role that involves Travel and Tourism to gain the right level of financial knowledge in Travel and Tourism principles. } What are the Career Progression Opportunities? @media (max-width: 768px) { The enrollment agreement form is properly and fully completed and that each page is initialed and signed; He/she provides all the required documentations such as certified copies of qualifications, Identity Card/Pass port photos, Supporting letters from employers, He/she deposits registration fees into the respective Campus’ Bank Account provided on the enrollment agreement form and submits original copy of the deposit as proof before being issued with an official receipt. NIT also provides scholarship and bursaries to students who meet requirements as stipulated in our prospectus. Maximum credits that can be granted from none technical (hands-on) programs are 15% of the credits for a qualification. Maximum credits that can be granted from the technical (hands-on) programs of similar standards with those of NIT are 50% of the credits for a qualification. NIT’s qualifications provide students with industry-specific knowledge, skills and competencies which make graduates’ work outputs to be relevant to their employers’ missions, visions and goals. There are many funding options for the NIT’s accredited programs. The Certificate in Travel and Tourism (Level 4) is an ideal qualification if you’re just starting or want to start a career that involves operations to achieve any given organizational goals and objectives through effective performance. 41. display:none !important; Tour Operations Management in Travel and Tourism QFC Level Credit value Level 4. All the NIT programs are assessed through objective and rigor based assignments and projects for which origination is examined through the Turnitin IT Application to ensure that each students submits his/her own true work. 0000004952 00000 n The NIT programs are assessed using a combination of: Informal assessments are conducted by lecturers on each covered component of the unit outcome to weigh knowledge created into his/her students in order that necessary teaching practices adjustments can be made as appropriate. 0000002141 00000 n A number of providers discussed the challenges faced when trying to seek authentic employer feedback and most are seeking to strengthen these border: 1px solid #a97f52 !important; Visit local attractions. The outcome of these assignments must be in an implementable practical and quality standard. border-radius: 0px 0px 0 0 !important; xref color: #747474 !important; 0000004417 00000 n Unit Code. National Institute of Technology (NIT) is one of the world's most successful and best-preferred applied (hands-on) learning brand. You will cover eleven (11) units. Get help on 【 A-Level Travel and Tourism (Tour Operations) 】 on Graduateway Huge assortment of FREE essays & assignments The best writers! For more details, refer to the Students Registration Agreement and the Withdraw Policy. Below is an extraction from the Gazette on lockdown regulations - complete PDF version of Gazette 43258. Each programme has a total equivalence of 120 credits. #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li > a:after { Ticketing Coordinator, Tour Guide Trainee, Tourism Developer, Transfer Representative, Travel Agent Trainee, Travel Consultant Assistant and Leisure Activity Coordinator. Operations: Excursion Sales • Excursions are a very valuable source of income and an important part of the reps job is to sell them. NIT is known for stringent quality standards which govern the provision of its higher vocational, technical and professional courses. Learn about the core knowledge required to work as a Tourist assistant, Tourism events assistant. NIT is also known for its practical, relevance and Industry driven courses. } overflow:hidden !important; It is structured to be studied over a period of one year through distance learning, part-time, full-time or blended learning. Alert level 4 was in place from 1 to 31 May 2020. #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li { #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav{ padding:0px !important ; } float: left; It explores the core concepts of front tourism operations and management using numerous examples, photographs, flowcharts, and illustrations to … Other Fees e.g. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . 0000003650 00000 n Public Class ClassList. startxref #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li > a .fa{ National Certificate (Vocational) NCV tourism Level 4 CAPS Level 2 guidelines PAT Science of Tourism Subject Guidelines test Toerisme Tourism Operations 2011 Assessment Guideline Assessment Guidelines Competition Subject Guideline. Regulations to address, prevent and combat the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li { To do it well, there needs to be a strong focus on the business side of tourism operations. @media (min-width: 769px) { #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li > a { background-color: #bc9265 !important; To succeed, your effective time management and focus are both very critical. If admitted, an Admission letter issued by the Admission section in the Office of the Registrar, must also be obtained through the respective Campus together with the Time Table, Syllabuses, and any other information. As more employers expect their new employees to have relevant practical skills and competencies than costly academic knowledge, NIT makes your CV and profile standout. color: #000000 !important; #tab_container_5510 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li{ 2543 0 obj <>stream float:left !important ; Download. Download download tourism operations ncv level 4 question and memos 2017 document. The following is a compressive list of course modules you will cover in this program: Although there is no specific mandatory elements of work placement/experience requirement for the Certificate in Travel and Tourism Operations (Level 4), students are expected to apply theories learnt through various methods and carryout the practical learning activities as provided under section 2.9 of this specification. } #tab_container_5510 { For each unit, you will do a main test, assignment and an examination in addition to an integrated project. Provided that an applicant has qualification accredited by NQA and verifiable through the NQF, the NIT rules provide for course by course credits as well as credit transfer by volume under certain conditions. Tourism Operations and Management Sunetra Roday Archana Biwal and Joshi Vandana. Operations: Customer Service • Tour operators provide routine customer service departments. These assessments do not include the informal tests, homework and assignments which your lecturers will require you to do in each learning outcome. As we approach the festive season, Minister Kubayi-Ngubane will continue with her visits to various attractions and establishments, particularly in Eshowe with its abundant natural diversity, as part of a campaign to encourage people to explore their country while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols.