The Sorcerer is the main antagonist of the Disney animated series of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. In this form, he went on a rampage causing chaos. Norrisville Julian (Randy Cunningham) K Krackenstein; M Mac Antfee; N NomiRandy; P Psycho-Bot; R Rhinosaurus; Robo-Apes; Robo-Mantis; S Steve Riley; T The Sorcerer (Randy Cunningham) The Sorceress (Randy Cunningham) Theresa Fowler; W Willem Viceroy; Sinjin Nightfire yells at Julian for destroying the place. 22-nov-2018 - descrubrió este Pin. The Sorcerer, Bash Johnson, Evil Julian In "Ball's Well That Friends Well", Julian tries to explain Howard and Randy (in Ninja Suit) how to leave Land of Shadows and was able to leave to Norrisville. Other names Personality. Dogs wearing sunglasses, being a victim of bullying, being left alone while distressed By: for.every.yaoilover. Creepy things, Sinjin Knightfire's magic acts, Der Monster Klub, Tyler (The gargoyle head he keeps with him while in the Land of Shadows) He was returned to normal when Randy destroyed the Ninja of the Year plack. The three of them discover the entrance by pressing the unused soap dispenser, and shortly Julian finds a conveyor belt type deathtrap, going into a monologue of how death and torture devices are "so cool". I love this series so I thought why the heck not. 3 years ago | 726 views. 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L. • Queen Gabnidine • Blob Monster •, Season Two: "Flume-Igation" • "On the Poolfront" • "Welcome Back Catfish" • "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim" • "Julian's Birthday Surprise" • "True Bromance" • "Unstank My Hart" • "Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2" • "M-M-M-my Bologna" • "Everybody Ninj-along" • "Fudge Factory" • "Best Buds" • "Otto Know Better" • "Brolateral Damage" • "Let the Wonk One In" • "The Curse of Mudfart" • "Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser" • "Ninjception" • 'Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman!" your own Pins on Pinterest Randy Cunningham/Julian; Randy Cunningham; Howard Weinerman; Julian (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja) The Sorcerer; Hannibal McFist; Willem Viceroy; Valentine's Day; Pity Date; Summary. Bio Since Jun 2020 (179 Days) Ninja vs Ghoulian - DBZA (Edit) Hide Full Bio Read More . Cortesía: Disney XD Randy lleva la esfera del Hechicero a la fiesta de cumpleaños de Julian y accidentalmente libera su poder creando un Julian malvado. This is a list of the animated Disney XD series, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja episodes. ", followed by 218 people on Pinterest. He's also calmer than usual in this episode, only seeming irritated by Bash and impressed and thankful towards Randy. It is unknown if he knows Randy is the Ninja. ; When they aren't shipping them together, some fans believe Julian and Theresa are either cousins or siblings. Many of the character designs were supplied by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. Action Fanfiction Romance Randy Cunningham Howard Julian. Randy were aware the only ones who knew about them dating were Nomicon, Theresa, and Debbie. Spinning a giant web, he captured all the previous bullies, and Randy, planning to take revenge upon them. In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following him and the rest of the chess team, losing the annual tornament to McFists chess playing robot, overcome with grief and anguish, he (along with the rest of the team, and several other students) was transformed into a monster by the Sorcerer. This is the Sequel to True Love but all of the events that happened during the Flashbacks are set before the start of this series. In "Stanks Like Teen Spirit", it's revealed that Julian is on the chess team. He speaks with a slight English accent, usually either in a shaky and soft voice or in a distressed and dramatic manner, sometimes ending a sentence with a spooky giggle. Although, while he is in his normal self, he still possessed the jerkish side that annoying for some, especially for his peers albeit is not villainous level. Following. He joins forces with Randy and Howard in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note", enjoys their company in "Der Monster Klub", and is impressed when they successfully prank Bash in "Pranks for Nothing". Or so he thought. In "30 Seconds to Math" he appears briefly, first meditating backstage and then going onstage to play a musical piece on a theremin before being knocked over by a tomato. Randy et Howard sont invités à la fête d'anniversaire de Julian. Television programs He is part of the school's Chess team and is stanked in ". After his second retirement from the NFL, in 2002, Cunningham settled in Las Vegas permanently and became an ordained pastor two years later. See more ideas about cunningham, julian, randy cunningham ninja total. Randy is waiting for Howard at the Magic Funporium. Julian is seen giggling in the bleachers, but gets hit by a stray dodgeball anyway and knocked backwards. Playing next. For years the ninja fought against the sorcerer alone. Julian Randy Cunningham The Sorcerer: Sightings; First Episode: Julian's Birthday Surprise: Latest Episode: Ball's Well That Friends Well: Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker “ I swear death to you! He insists he's the most powerful sorcerer in the world, fighting Randy for the pearl and attacking and destroying the stage. Dee Bradley Baker Little-Miss-Alice [A Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja fan fiction. Report . Character information He is Randy's arch-nemesis. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja ‘Julian!’ Randy said as he walked over, ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m fine’, Julian said, ‘However, I’m now terrified of being alone for too long.’ ‘Well, at least you’re not in that horrible place called the Land of Shadows anymore’, Randy said. Browse more videos. He tapped Julian's shoulder and motioned towards the living room. Randy tries to fight them all, finding them in the gym with all their bullies rolled up in a giant spider web, and once he destroys the dice they use to play their game, they all turn back to normal. Reputation. Neutral Julian is lanky and pale-skinned with sky blue eyes and chin-length dark blue hair curled upward toward the end. It was produced by Titmouse, Inc. and Boulder Media Limited for Disney's London-based content hub. Also title is a work in progress.] Randy emmène avec lui les balle du sorcier, pour qu'elle ne... S02E29. «Julian le sorcier». Julian and Theresa. Explore the randy cunningham julian collection - the favourite images chosen by LaFejia on DeviantArt. Randy is an average high schooler who tries to fit in and be cool. He's interested in the bag Randy has brought, which contains a chaos pearl Randy was only bringing to protect, thinking it's a present for him. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Julian is a soft-spoken but eccentric student who claims to love everything creepy, gruesome, and deadly. Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja S02E03A Julian's Birthday Surprise. Oct 16, 2019 - Explore Prince Nightcore's board "Julian-Randy Cunningham, 9th grade ninja. Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja S02E03A Julian's Birthday Surprise. Randall "Randy" Cunningham/The Ninjais the titular main protagonist ofRandy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.He is a freshman and the currentNorrisville Ninjaat Norrisville High. Evil Julian first appeared in the episode "Julian's Birthday Surprise", when Randy Cunningham brought along a Chaos Pearl to Julian's magic-themed birthday party at the Magic Funporium. I love this series so I thought why the heck not. Julian refuses to give it back, having become possessed by the power of the chaos pearl. Save Randy is an average high school kid who tries to fit in with the popular crowd and be cool. Although normally a nice guy, every so often he falls victim to the Sorcerer's dark magic and is turned into a monster everytime this occurs. Me he estado acordando mucho del Ninja Total ultímamente XD es chistoso porque estoy siguiend la nueva serie de las Tortugas Ninja, y uno de ellos(Leo), tiene el mismo actor de voz que Randy Cunningham, e incluso el estilo de dibujo me recuerda un poco a rc9gn -más que nada los colores-, así que no sé, he estado pensando en dibujar a los personajes, todavía me gustan y los extraño